Over 70 Years of Packaging Innovation


If you use narrow-web or wide-web flexible packaging films, Drew & Rogers is a perfect partner for you. Located in Fairfield, NJ, we supply both roll products for vertical and horizontal filling equipment as well as finished converted bags and pouches as required.

In addition to films for pouches, we also provide roll films for preformed, layflat, bakery bags, gusset bags, beverage bags, pop corn bags and various heat sealing and glue sealing materials. Some of the special features we offer include re-sealable, re-usable and self-adhesive closures and our primary markets include Bakery and Coffee, Health and Beauty, Meat and Cheese, Ready to Eat, Powders and Mixes, Candy and Confectionary, Frozen Food, Seafood and Smoked Fish, Poultry and Meat, and more.

At Drew & Rogers, we are constantly keeping pace with the newest technologies available for the flexible packaging industries. Our new HP Indigo 20,000 allows us to print 29” digital roll products with NO PLATES and color in seconds! We can handle quantities from short runs to long runs, from thousands to millions, all consistent in color quality and on schedule.