Compostable Pouches

At Drew & Rogers, we are passionate about sustainability and we are always so excited when a customer shares our passion.

Our compostable packaging is available with a variety of barrier properties to ensure that your products inside stay fresh but has the added benefit of having a low environmental impact – this starts right from the source by using renewable resources to create the materials and ends in your compost pile.

Now, we know that nature is pretty perfect, however there’s a reason that conventional plastics have been in heavy use since the 50’s – conventional materials can be processed over and over again until the appearance of the final product is flawless. But “flawless” isn’t why our customers choose compostable; they make this choice because they want to do their part in pushing society towards a sustainable future.


Features of Compostable Films

Compostable Films have a few distinct features including the following:

  1. Our compostable structure has a moderately stiffer feel than conventional materials, some have described it as “brittle”, however we can assure you that our compostable packaging can withstand normal, controlled conditions (like the grocery store or your customer’s pantry shelves). Our compostable packaging is also freezergrade, however, it should be kept away from dry ice to prevent premature degradation.
  2. We can provide a window on your packaging, but due to the natural products used to create the films, it will not be like looking through a freshly cleaned windshield – you can expect a slightly diminished clarity.
  3. Mother Nature is great at a lot of things, but ironing isn’t one of them. The compostable films can sometimes have a covert wrinkly or wavy appearance. This usually becomes indiscernible after printing.
  4. Compostable materials can sometimes be a little rough around the edges, which means that sometimes you might see some tiny burrs on the cut lines or tear notches which have not fully been detached. This is normal – because of its stiffness, the films can be more difficult to cut.
  5. Over a period of time unsealed edges of compostable films may begin to show a slight curl.
  6. We do not recommend this format for Amazon-style automated fulfilment facilities as we cannot guarantee that it will withstand this type of handling.
  7. We always recommend that our customers request some test samples to test their product(s) in, as the materials can sometimes react with ingredients found in certain products. As a result, the packaging may begin to degrade prematurely.


Recommended Uses for Compostable Films and Pouches

  • Dry Food Products Liquids
  • Base Powders Very Fine Powders
  • Granular Products Salts
  • Non-Food Products Teas with Strong Aromas


Compostable Identification Logo

The world of compostable products is a complicated one, and we want to make sure that the end consumer is informed about what they’re buying and how to properly dispose of it. To this end, we have created an identification logo that we require be placed in a visible location on your packaging. This ensures transparency and allows the consumer to acquire more information about your compostable packaging.




Click here for our Compostable Pouches Spec Sheet

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