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Heat Sealing Materials

Polypropylene is used as a heat sealing film by itself for surface printed films or as the sealing level for barrier films and multi-substrate films like Paper/Poly/Foil/Poly structures.

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Bakery Bags

Bakery bags are common items in the flexible industry. They are used to package bakery items, like cookies and snacks, and keep them fresh until they are used by the consumer.

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Gusset Pouches

A gusset bag has sides that expand as it fills so that it can hold a large amount, yet when empty will lay flat and conserve space.

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Zipped Closures

Many products need to be re-sealed after being opened initially. Zipped Closures can be incorporated into roll films prior to filling and also be incorporated into formed pouches and bags to allow a package to be re-sealed after its initial opening.

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Layflat & Flat Pouches

Layflat and flat pouches can be used for almost any product from single serve products to nutraceuticals and everything in between. The difference between Layflat pouches and standup pouches is that the standup, as the name implies, are designed to stand-up at the point-of-sale location.

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Stand-Up Pouches

D&R supplies any number of bakery pouches, coffee pouches and bakery bags as well as re-sealable bags and pouches. Stand-up pouches are designed to stay upright during filling and at the retail point-of-sale.

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Barrier Films

Barrier films are typically laminated with metalized film to prevent oxygen or moisture from reaching a packaged product. A typical barrier film would be constructed using 3 or 4 different materials laminated together.

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Shrink Sleeves

The ability to create a 360 degree graphic for consumer packaging has revolutionized the label industry. The packaging industry has rapidly embraced the shrink sleeve as the product of choice and the advent of digital printing has made short run production a reality.

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Pressure Sensitive Labels

Drew Rogers can supply all of your PS label needs. We provide roll as well as sheet labels. We can print both digitally and using conventional flexography.

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Laminated and Surface Printed Flexible Packaging

D&R can provide all types of Finn and Lapp Seal poly roll film products. We supply roll films that are compatible with Doughboy, DoBoy, Bosch and Accutek horizontal and vertical filling equipment just to name a few.

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