LSS – Lean Six Sigma

  • Initiative began in January of 2008
  • Completed training and now have 4 Green Belts and 1 Black Belt on staff
  • Over 50% of all employees have been involved with an LSS project
  • 3 projects have been completed to date with 4 more in the process
  • Change in culture throughout the organization

Our Color Management Program

Present clearer more concise communication, both internally and externally with our suppliers and customers

Provide better control over our process work

Decrease make readies

Improve productivity

Increase standardization

Faster color matches, fewer pulls

Our Color Management program consists of:

Color accurate press proofs, multiple substrate specific profiles, constant press-side measurements to ensure consistency, spot color archiving system which controls and quickens color matches on press

Green Initiative

We’ve partnered with local business to reduce gas consumption for various recycling projects, including:

  • Press end boards and plastic end plugs
  • Ink barrels
  • Press chemical barrels
  • All corrugated cardboard
  • All film waste
  • All paper products
  • Aluminum

Consistent Quality:

  • Currently pushing 200lpi for labels
  • Stably producing labels at 150 and 175lpi
  • Testing 150lpi for flexible packaging
  • Completed G7 analysis for flexible packaging
  • Currently testing Near Neutral Calibration for labels


  • Following FIRST 4.0 specifications and tolerances
  • Control Charts throughout the plant
  • Press-side “cheat sheets” to hit specs
    • Vendor Certification and approval program
    • FDA Compliance Certifiations
    • CONEG Compliant
    • Vendor, Master Roll and Lot traceability

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